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Dear Parent ,

All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. It is with a strong commitment for excellence in the field of education that Modern School was set up in 2005. The school believes in nurturing the inherent talent in all children at their pace. It aims at striking a balance in every aspect of life carrying along the past traditional, cultural values and mingling it with present day to day needs. It blends “Modernity with tradition “.

It will be our endeavour to nurture the varied creative skills of children and yet remain tied to our roots. With so much exposure to media, materialism, stress and conflict in life, children have to be guided and channelized in the right direction. The well being and total development of children is our prime concern. Mere certification and examination would not give the desired peace and goal they wants to achieve. At Modern, we aim to provide this right environment, which will enable them to strike the balance.

We believe that Good Schooling makes a phenomenonal difference in the personality of a human being. Modern has maintained standards of such quality education so that it is blend of the traditional and Modern values where respect, sincerity and a meaningful education system is followed to impart the real education which shall be remembered throughout the life by each Modernite.

We look forward for your cooperation in making our endeavour a success.


Student Body

The democratically-elected Student Council forms a formal link between the school's administrative body, faculty members and the students. The Council includes faculty advisers and the student representatives, which has Primary, Middle and Secondary School wings. Their involvement is sought in a wide range of projects including the disciplinary systems and peer-counselling,formalizing and implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures. It is also consulted from time to time by the Administration on such matters as the development of curriculum and facilities.

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