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Meticulously selected teachers will work as catalysts by systematically contriving learning experiences for the children.

The faculty well qualified trained and experienced is an asset to ensure that students learn from the experience.

Our curriculum and teaching method are designed to promote a zest for learning classroom sessions are interactive in nature. Home assignments too are oriented towards sharpening the child’s skill, talent and personality. The focus is on providing enough stimuli and cultivation of mind and not mere cramming of books or examination. We plan a stress – free, value based education of global standards. The school will follow CBSE curriculum based on NCERT set up. The school provides individual attention and counseling besides building proficiency in communicative skills

Student Body

The democratically-elected Student Council forms a formal link between the school's administrative body, faculty members and the students. The Council includes faculty advisers and the student representatives, which has Primary, Middle and Secondary School wings. Their involvement is sought in a wide range of projects including the disciplinary systems and peer-counselling,formalizing and implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures. It is also consulted from time to time by the Administration on such matters as the development of curriculum and facilities.

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