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Art & Craft: These activities are the kind of self expression artistically either on paper, through a lens, on-stage, and other form of media to unleash student’s creativity.

Personality Development: This scientific wing shall develop in students – Self discipline, Positive thinking, Manners and etiquette and Public speaking.

Cultural and Language: Such activities help us know the proud Indian Culture and help to understand the integral diversity of Indian constitutional languages. Let our students connect with roots, or allow them to get a taste of the world’s diversity without ever leaving home.

Community: To realize the fact of human as a community element, such activity is the reflection of social audit that comes in the form of involvement in your community.

Leadership: Every student at Modern School could be a leader to his interested area. So, we are catering our natural leader, making them skilled at motivating, directing and inspiring others.

Music: We are taking concern related to your child helping them excelling in diversified careers if they want to try playing an instrument or singing, opportunities are a lot to try music related activities that involves school and wider community.

Performance Art: To invoke moral and social issues our student does performance art to inspire through outlets both in school and community. Getting on a stage and make an audience laugh and cry could be the finest activity that you choose.

Social Activism: As a part of motivation and serving to society our students are brought about to take active participation for various social or communal improvement.

Speech and Political Interest: This is a logical and opponents’ arguments related activities that ignite the inner political and spokesman skills of students and such things are taken competitively on local and national levels. You too could be the next to work as proctor.

Sports and Recreation: We are the perfect sponsor of your physical fitness and recreational creativities as to be the part of the sports team at school, doing extramural sports. You can consider for a club league in your community, or can consider coaching a team.

Academic Competitive Teams: This includes Academic Decathlon, Academic Triathlon, American Mathematics Competitions, Chemistry Olympiad, Clean Tech Competition, Creative Communication Poetry Contest, Science and Engineering Fair, Kids Philosophy Slam, Math League, National Academic Quiz Tournament, National History Bee, National Spelling Bee, Poetry Out Loud, Questions Unlimited, Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, Other Trivia and Quiz Competition Teams.

Others: Our students are doing many other school activities that includes Media, Government, Military, Religious, Technology, Volunteer, and much other.

Student Body

The democratically-elected Student Council forms a formal link between the school's administrative body, faculty members and the students. The Council includes faculty advisers and the student representatives, which has Primary, Middle and Secondary School wings. Their involvement is sought in a wide range of projects including the disciplinary systems and peer-counselling,formalizing and implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures. It is also consulted from time to time by the Administration on such matters as the development of curriculum and facilities.

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